Some info and resources on Open Badges

What are open badges?

Open Badges are a way of accrediting learning, and can be issued by a range of different kinds of organisations, not limited to educational providers or other organisations. Learners fulfil a set of learning criteria, set by the badge issuer, in order to earn a badge. This badge is then available to the learner to display on their CV, website, social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), or wherever else would be useful to them. Each badge contains code or metadata that is 'baked in' to the badge - meaning that an employer or educational institution (for example) can see what skills/knowledge the learner has acquired through earning that particular badge. Badges can be independent from one another, or linked with other badges as part of a learning pathway.

See this short presentation by Cormac at the meeting of the Manchester Community Learning group, this blog post for thoughts from LSEN's perspective, or the video below by Doug Belshaw (Mozilla's UK lead on open badges).

Notes on open badges from Community Learning Group meeting - Jan 2013

Employers and institutions must value badges for them to be successful / useful

Standardisation - will badges developed within organisations be recognised outside that organisation? (Eg NHS or McDonalds accreditation)

Credibility of badges - transferability

Open badges could be useful for incentive- or community-building

We need to learn from the lessons from Open College (eg problem with tying accreditation models to institution's funding)

How to shift accreditation to the community or the learner ; how to manage tension between this and standardisation and validity of badges

Open badges shouldn't displace existing qualifications

...nor should badges be seen as purely an excerise to save money

Open badges could help learners with valuing their own learning ; we shouldn't underestimate the value of the 'joy of achievement', getting recognition for something you have done

Useful for applications (??)

Context is important

Possible Open Badges in development by LSEN – draft ideas

Digital Learning champions
Digital Content Finder
Digital Content Evaluator
Digital Content Sharer
Digital Content Curator

Community Learning Champions
Event Organiser
Event Facilitator
Community Initiative Organiser

Community reporters
Digital photographer
Video Maker
Audio Maker
Community Reporter Trainer

Voluntary sector capacity (?)
Bid writer
Attended training course

Community Learning Champion badge

LSEN are interested in creating a badge, or a set of badges. One of these badges (or perhaps one set of badges) might be about community learning'. What kinds of skills might a community learning badge (or set of badges) encompass? What should the learner be able to do after earning this badge?

Ideas (please add)...

  • Ability to facilitate community discussions
  • Ability to identify community learning needs and opportunities
  • ...

Digital Learning Champion badge

Similar to above, there may be worth in creating a digital learning champion badge (or, again, a set of badges). We might base this on the 'aggregate then curate' model for digital content that LSEN helped to develop in the MOSI-ALONG project. See the table below for the progression of learning stages around identifying, sharing, using and evaluating digital content.

Involved parties
Measures of quality or value
Individual, subjective
Initial aggregation
Participant, Community learning champion
Community-led, intersubjective
Digital creation
Participant, Digital learning champion (e.g. Peoples’ Voice Media)
Technical, objective
Digital aggregation
Participant, DLC
Community-led, intersubjective
Participant, DLC
Curatorial, objective
Social media aggregation
Social media, DLC
Community-led, intersubjective
Many possible organisations
Formal, objective

See the MOSI-ALONG final report (download) for more detail on what each stage entails.

How could we make badge(s) around becoming a Digital Learning Champion? (Obvious links here with the Go On Manchester project.)


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